Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Job and the future

Yes, I do have one.  I work at a small german bakery as a waitress in the cafe that's attached.  It's an easy bus ride from where I live.  I like the job and the people I work for and with, but don't make enough money to live alone or with roommates.  Since me getting on disability is looking more and more like a pipe dream, and the job that I have now is most likely about as far as I will ever go in waiting on people (as much as I like it, I know that I can't do it forever) I have to finish high school, something that I should have finished a long time ago.  Right now, I'm just taking one math class, in the evening, which has been working out well so far. If I want to actually get into a program, I think that I will likely have to take some high school english courses too, if english 12 is a prerequisite.  I did actually finish a grade 12 english course, but that was years ago, and the credential from that course be outdated by now.

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