Friday, April 6, 2018

Once a week turned into once a month

So much for my once a week blog posts. And I can't blame it on being busy either. I actually am that lazy. And forgetful. I'm actually going to have to set alarms or something like that, just to remind myself to post on here.
Some good news: I got an essay back that I had written for a history class that I'm taking. I wrote about the Berlin Wall, and got a B grade. It's not the best grade I've gotten on a paper I've written, if I include essays written for high school English classes. If I only include essays written since I've started university, than this is one of my highest grades on a paper.
And oh yeah. I've unrepentantly changed the font. Times is better.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why I will never write for HuffPost

Or why it's likely I will never write/blog for them: they don't pay their bloggers, yet they've managed to make blogging for them some kind of rite of passage, even for popular bloggers who make money at it. I've found that Huffington Post actually does pay some of its writers, but it's only a select few, who make a salary. The bloggers and other contributors don't get anything. Except what Huffington Post is willing to pay them, and Huffington Post, being the clever brats that they are, think that "exposure" is as good as currency. In other words, Huffington Post has a huge platform, and they think that if they invite bloggers to blog on it, they'll get exposed to others, and that exposure happened because Huffington Post went and made a huge platform. And that's why Huffington Post's "exposure" is as good as money.
Except no, it's really not. It's not as if I can pay my rent or buy food with the exposure I would get writing for free on Huffington Post's forum. But they haven't invited me to anyways, so it's a moot point. Still, I wish this journal, or whatever it is, wasn't held in such high esteem. The bloggers don't get paid, people. And it's not because Huffington Post can't pay them, it's that they won't. I came across another blogger who posted about this in 2016, here.
The post is old, but the points she makes aren't. I'm not sure I agree with her about the ego boost, though. I think I'd rather be paid. But that's just me....and lots of other people.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Since my last post in 2016

Since I posted in 2016, which I'm not sure counts as an actual blog post because it's a link to a post on another blog, then didn't post again until the other night, I have been taking writing classes. Creative writing classes. I'm actually what is called a CREW major at a university in my city, with a minor in history.
I was thirty-three when I started taking these classes, I hoped that I would have my degree by the time I turned forty. I wasn't sure, because I decided not to take out a student loan. I pay for my tuition out of pocket, so I only take one or two classes a semester. I'll be thirty-eight on my next birthday, and I'm taking "third year" writing classes next semester, so I might be able to pull it off. If I can't, then I think I'll finish the program in the year after my fortieth birthday...I think. I might even have something publishable, but who knows.

Monday, February 12, 2018

It's been a long time.

It's been a long time since my last post. I was both lazy and busy with other things, for a long time.
I've been thinking about becoming a freelance writer for a while. Right now, my only income is PWD, or Persons With Disability. It's not much, and it leaves me vulnerable to political agendas, like Michelle Stilwell and her push to end the Bus Pass program. I could write many posts just on her alone. That's how much I hate this woman. But I digress.
I want to supplement my income somehow, in a way that doesn't require me working as a barista or otherwise waiting on people. Nothing wrong with people and "peopling", it's just that I reach my limit quickly. Probably too quickly, and after that it starts to suck. Freelance writing seems to fit that, but all the research that I've done about that, and I've done a little, says that I should start writing a blog.
I have a blog. I've been too lazy to update it for over a year, but I could come back to it. I think I need to update it at least once a week too. I can't remember where I read weekly blogging helps launch freelance writing careers, but I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere.
Another reason for me to renew my blogging "career": politicians seem to not care about people with disabilities, despite the photos of them kissing wheelchair bound people during election campaigns, and making all kinds of promises that aren't kept. And of course, the masses of people who still think that those who must live on PWD and other types of pensions lead cushier lives than they actually do. Many can barely pay rent and must get their food from food banks. The ones who can supplement what their stipend are fortunate, probably the most fortunate getting PWD.
I would like to help change that. Blogging might go a long way. But who knows.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gas and Lighters

One thing about Autism and Asperger's Syndrome: it can take people who have it forever to express their feelings. For example, in my case, I actually have thought that I've forgiven people for things that they've done to me, and have told them so, but later on, I feel intense rage about whatever it was that was done to me. Some examples: Sometime after I moved in with my sister and her room mate, the room mate told me that she "was sick of cleaning up after me" after I got home from work one day. That morning, before I left for work at the job I had, I made myself some poached eggs on toast. Left my dishes in the sink, they were done by the time I got home. Room mate, in all of her "wisdom", thought that me leaving them in the sink was A Very Bad Thing. She was of the strong opinion that I should never, ever, ever leave dishes in the sink, because people who are "special needs" (her words) should never do that. Even though she and my sister did, a lot, there was a different set of rules for me. Because "special needs" people need different rules. After all, if they're allowed to leave dishes in the sink, they're liable to leave them until they're moldy and slimy.
Another one is when the three of us moved from the apartment that I moved into, where they already were living, into a townhouse a few blocks away. I had a few meltdowns, or more likely, one huge one. Because chaos. More to the point, moving house chaos. Once we were all moved in, she confronted me about giving her "attitude". Because people with "special needs" aren't supposed to have meltdowns and give their room mates "attitude". People who actually know anything about Asperger's might wonder what exactly Room mate thought Asperger's was, if she didn't know that many Aspies are likely to have meltdowns if there's too much going on around them and there's no where to go to rest, take a break, whatever.
Now, I wonder if what Room mate actually was doing was gaslighting me, whether she meant to or not.
What else can I call her looking over my shoulder whenever I did...well, anything, and me getting angry about it, and then she would talk about how I needed to go into a group home? Now, I wonder how she thought that could have been accomplished. We were living in Edmonton then, when Alberta's economy was better than good. It was excellent. Group homes were hard to get into then. Now that Alberta's economy is in the crapper, it's probably impossible.
None of this happened recently. It was actually over twelve years ago, probably closer to fourteen. Of course, there's other stuff too, some of it concerning Room mate. Some of it concerning two other people who were luck enough to live with me, and I with them. I'll call them Family member and Family member. But I'll save that for another post. Because blogging.