Sunday, July 21, 2013

Posting this probably means I'm a jerk

but I'm going to do it anyway.  I have a low tolerance for people who will rant and rave about others doing stuff that they think is wrong, even going so far to not only hurt other people's feelings, but run right over them; and then, when they think no one is looking, will indulge in the very thing that they preach against.  What started me thinking on this, is the family reunion that happened over the past week and a half.  As the family functions started to happen, it became very clear that a female relative of mine does not like that so many of us drink soda pop, such as coke, root beer, sprite etc. In fact, we all knew about her objections against junk food and pop.  What's hard to take, very hard to take, is that she seems to think that if she screams loud enough and often enough, we will come to see things that same way that she does.  She also seems to think that it is her God given right to "let" us do things.  Yes, her family, many of who are full grown adults who can walk and talk, and dress ourselves and even (gasp!) make other decisions without consulting her. But that's another post.  Remember when I said about indulging when nobody's looking?  She seems to think that it's okay to take a sip from somebody else's drink (particularly mine) when she thinks that no one will notice.  I guess it's easier for her to be rude than wasteful.  I guess that it's petty and immature of me to even care so much.  But after all the BS she's put me through because I drink pop and she doesn't, well, it's difficult to take.

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