Monday, February 12, 2018

It's been a long time.

It's been a long time since my last post. I was both lazy and busy with other things, for a long time.
I've been thinking about becoming a freelance writer for a while. Right now, my only income is PWD, or Persons With Disability. It's not much, and it leaves me vulnerable to political agendas, like Michelle Stilwell and her push to end the Bus Pass program. I could write many posts just on her alone. That's how much I hate this woman. But I digress.
I want to supplement my income somehow, in a way that doesn't require me working as a barista or otherwise waiting on people. Nothing wrong with people and "peopling", it's just that I reach my limit quickly. Probably too quickly, and after that it starts to suck. Freelance writing seems to fit that, but all the research that I've done about that, and I've done a little, says that I should start writing a blog.
I have a blog. I've been too lazy to update it for over a year, but I could come back to it. I think I need to update it at least once a week too. I can't remember where I read weekly blogging helps launch freelance writing careers, but I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere.
Another reason for me to renew my blogging "career": politicians seem to not care about people with disabilities, despite the photos of them kissing wheelchair bound people during election campaigns, and making all kinds of promises that aren't kept. And of course, the masses of people who still think that those who must live on PWD and other types of pensions lead cushier lives than they actually do. Many can barely pay rent and must get their food from food banks. The ones who can supplement what their stipend are fortunate, probably the most fortunate getting PWD.
I would like to help change that. Blogging might go a long way. But who knows.

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