Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why I will never write for HuffPost

Or why it's likely I will never write/blog for them: they don't pay their bloggers, yet they've managed to make blogging for them some kind of rite of passage, even for popular bloggers who make money at it. I've found that Huffington Post actually does pay some of its writers, but it's only a select few, who make a salary. The bloggers and other contributors don't get anything. Except what Huffington Post is willing to pay them, and Huffington Post, being the clever brats that they are, think that "exposure" is as good as currency. In other words, Huffington Post has a huge platform, and they think that if they invite bloggers to blog on it, they'll get exposed to others, and that exposure happened because Huffington Post went and made a huge platform. And that's why Huffington Post's "exposure" is as good as money.
Except no, it's really not. It's not as if I can pay my rent or buy food with the exposure I would get writing for free on Huffington Post's forum. But they haven't invited me to anyways, so it's a moot point. Still, I wish this journal, or whatever it is, wasn't held in such high esteem. The bloggers don't get paid, people. And it's not because Huffington Post can't pay them, it's that they won't. I came across another blogger who posted about this in 2016, here.
The post is old, but the points she makes aren't. I'm not sure I agree with her about the ego boost, though. I think I'd rather be paid. But that's just me....and lots of other people.

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