Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sometimes I wonder.....

if I will ever be able to find my niche. Or if I will ever be able to find a way to move out of my parents' house and find a place of my own.  Living with roommates can be fun, but I've learned from past experience that for me, having roommates can be a bad idea for me, because of all those little social things that I don't pick up on. And then of course, there's still my share of the expenses.....not just rent, but the bills that tend to come with living in a house (electricity, water, etc) if it's not included in the rent. There's still groceries, internet, toilet paper, stuff like that.  I also wonder if I will ever be able to support myself.  My parents still think that I will be able to get on disability because they know one young man who was able to get a disability pension.  I am less convinced because I have not been able to find a shred of evidence (online, anyway) that people, living in Canada, with high functioning autism can actually get on disability.  Are they all hiding?  If I asked my parents, they would likely say yes.

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