Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So I have an anger problem....

that is probably to be expected, since I grew up with a syndrome that no one even knew existed in women and girls until the early 90's, and is still misunderstood, and a mother who is sometimes a bully. Still can't afford to move out.  I get angrier and anxious if I think about this too much.

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  1. Maybe it's all in the red hair... I'm sorry it's rough right now. I think it's hard to live at home when you get older. My nineteen year old son came home after living in the dorms for his freshman year. It has been hard on both of us in a lot of ways. I love him like crazy, but maybe he thinks I am a "bully" too. Just today I was griping that if he doesn't use a larger pan when he cooks (he splashes crap all over the stove when he stirs it) that I am going to hide all the small pans!